Have You Met Our New Friends?

January 30, 2015




Hello, Lovelies!


Have you had the chance to meet our friends in our darling new, 

"Bee My Friend," collection?


Each friend is DYING to meet You! 


Designed with Love for You by Yours Truly ;), each little sweetheart is 

a sparkling clear, high quality Photopolymer stamp for your creative finesse.


We hope you find a kindred spirit in our friends. 


 Why not bring them home with you for hours of crafting fun? 




Please meet our sweet new friend, Marigold! 


She loves making new friends, having picnics, and using her her imagination. During the late afternoons, Marigold loves to go to her favorite place in the meadow by her house, and sit with her teddy bear while she watches the golden sun set. This is one of her favorite times of the day. Her other favorite time of the day is when she catches the sun bursting over the mountains in the wee early hours of the morning. Her favorite color is sunshine, buttercups, sunrises and sun sets. 


Would you like to be her friend? Marigold would be honored to meet you!


She can be found with all her other friends at the Lissy Bee Stamps store


We hope you will find a true kindred spirit in each other.




Have you met our sweet friend, Clementine? 


Clementine adores making new friends! She also loves roses, and wild flowers, wearing new shoes, and big sun hats with lots of long, pretty ribbon. Her favorite time of day is tea time! She loves to dress up in a fancy frock, and bring you a special gift wrapped in a pretty box, along with a plate of her home baked cookies! Clementine's favorite colors are rose pink, poppy red, with splashes of violet. Her most favorite part? Dancing in a field of wild flower hues!

Would you like to be her friend? Clementine would be honored to meet you!


She may even bring you a special plate of her homemade cookies! ;)







Meet our new friend, Tommy! 


Tommy loves to hang with his buddies, Tom Cat and Mister Mouse. His favorite pass time is climbing up the big, tall tree in the mornings and the evenings with his pals to watch the large ball of light in the sky rise and set. When he's sitting in the tree tops, he likes to listen to the wind in the trees, and hear the secrets that they share with each other. "Wisha wisha wisha... " Then he makes a wish. One of his wishes? It's to meet You!

Would you like to join Tommy on his wonderful adventures? Tommy would feel honored to be your friend!
 We hope you will find many happy hours hanging together.








Meet our new friend, Will! 


Will has the heart of a lion. He is kind, courageous and caring. Will loves to hang out with his buddies, Ted and Mixxy his kitten. They go on grand adventures together across the safari discovering new species of plants and wild life. Will loves to read books, and listen to his favorite music. He also loves meeting new people, and making friends. Will's favorite colors are blue and green, because they speak to his soul.

Would you like to be his friend? Will would be honored to meet you!


We hope you will enjoy many happy hours hanging together.








Meet our new friend, Little Lulu! 


Our sweet girl loves making new friends, and she is excited to meet You! Little Lulu adores playing outside in the sunshine with her puppy named, Pip. She loves eating ice cream on warm days, catching fire flies at night during the summer months, jumping into large piles of russet leaves in Fall, and building big, fluffy snowmen in the winter. Wherever she is, it is always bright and sunny! Her favorite colors are pink like her rosy cheeks, and yellow like the sunshine in her hair. She will win your heart, as she has ours!

Would you like to be her friend? Little Lulu would be honored to meet you!


We hope you will find many happy hours hanging together.





Have you met our beautiful new friend, Rosebud? 


Rosebud is as lovely as her name. She is gentle and kind, and loves making new friends! Rosebud's favorite pass time is being outside in the sunshine collecting apples, and wild honey from her friends, the honey bees. She is also very good friends with, Clementine. They share the same favorite colors! A deep rose pink and lovely vermillion red are her most favorite. Rosebud's favorite time of day is the part whenever the sun is shining, and whenever the stars are sparkling in the heavens. Any time of day is her favorite!

Would you like to be her friend? Rosebud would be honored to meet you!


We hope you will find a true kindred spirit in each other.






Thank you for joining me here today.


I am honored to be able to experience my journey with You. You are a Blessing!


Here's to You, and your creative finesse!


xo Lissy Bee



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