Meet the Artist

Drawing princesses wearing large, fluffy dresses and dainty high heels were among the first drawings I loved to create when I was little. I was probably about four years old. I still have a few of the penciled treasures somewhere in a scrapbook at my dear Mum's house in Australia. I have not stopped drawing since that time. After pursuing a degree in traditional Animation straight out of high school, illustrating has become my passion.

In 2007, a company in the UK contacted me to license designs for their rubber stamp product. From this point on, I have had the marvelous opportunity to work with many more outstanding companies world wide to help create designs for their rubber stamp and line of craft products. Serving these amazing companies, and more importantly, the great people behind each one, was, and continues to be, an honour, and an incredible road of joy and learning in my life.

Licensing my designs continues to be a successful venture for Elisabeth Bell Designs. In the process of illustrating many popular images over the years, Elisabeth Bell Designs, is now a strong, trusted, quality brand. During this time, I have accrued hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful images. Many of these designs are still licensed, and many others have been requested for a second, a third and sometimes a fourth life. I have received countless emails from avid crafters and stampers requesting a particular image that is no longer in circulation, and where they can purchase it.


The idea of opening our own store has long been on our minds. With the experience I have gained in the craft industry, and the stunning portfolio of designs now available in my care, what better time was there to act than now? 


So we - my brilliant manager who is also my amazing husband, my think tank, my inspiration and my incredible and dearest friend - and I have decided to bring to you quality, sparkling clear Photopolymer stamps featuring the beautiful images of, Elisabeth Bell, for your creativity. Please welcome, Lissy Bee Stamps.

There is a sweet background behind the name, Lissy Bee Stamps, that I would like to share with you. The outstandingly creative Elisabeth Bell design Team, The Digi' Bells, created a pet name for me: Lissy Bee. It is from this that the name of our store was inspired. Beyond designing the most divine hand made creations, our talented Digi' Bellas truly are gifted!

Lissy Bee Stamps will be releasing classic, much beloved and popular images, including fresh, new designs, never before seen or released to help bless your creative finesse and inspire the Creative Genius within You. 

Thank you for choosing Lissy Bee Stamps. Thank you for the chance to serve you. It is an honour to be a part of your creative legacy, and to help bless your desire to continue creating your own lasting memories in your personalized way.

Here's to You and Your Creative Abundance,

Elisabeth Bell and Team

Lissy Bee Stamps is a division of  Lis-trations Art and Designs, LLC


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